I feel different, and I mean it: not even a year ago I was sitting in this room listening a speech of a man wearing a Mickey Mouse t-shirt and I thought it was a complete… (let me think how to say it nicely…). A complete bull shit. Sorry, it had nothing to do with the t-shirt! I’m just saying I thought he was out of his mind trying to sell us the idea that we could make anything happen only by wanting and needing it.


A crazy opportunity took me to China to start the year…

“From your comfort zone”, I thought. “Everything looks possible if you can pay for it”.

7 months later, I can’t stop thinking about his words. And truth is you might never be in a position to buy everything you want, and that’s just because you don’t really want it that way.

Let’s give an example. I want to work: I get a job. I want to travel: a trip comes up. And I’m not even sure how I get in those planes, but I do… So maybe what I’m really hoping for is the opportunity more than anything else, and I think I’m going to keep it that way.

Thank you Iker.


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