Views of the Dachstein Glacier this weekend

Everyday I’m more convinced that we all live in Disneyland. And for “we all” I mean all the people that somehow get to do what the most of the people would never even think it’s possible. Let me explain this better: for instance now, at this precise moment I’m sitting in a plane after a working weekend thousands of kilometers away from home. For the big majority this would be a nightmare: working on a weekend and being so far away that you have to spend all your Sunday in airports and train stations. And said like this, it even sounds awful to me. But if we do a step back and get a slightly wider perspective is when it all makes sense: when I work I feel like I’m on vacation, and when I’m on vacation, I’m bored. Thereby I’m never on vacation.

For the “mass”, snowboarding is something reserved for those special weekends, or holidays that they have been waiting for the whole year. For us, it’s part of our daily routine. And this involves a lot of other aspects that make of our small world an even smaller place to be, and without big distances there is no limits. What’s real and what’s fantasy is a whole different story, however what is clear is that all this is part of our fantastic reality. Hopefully we’ll never have to wake up.


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