Mammoth Hot Springs, aka the middle of nowhere

Looking back to the early Spring while working through my pictures, I can still feel the Lake Tahoe’s breeze on my face, smell the Mammoth’s hot springs water, hear my friends from Breckenridge laughing out loud and taste the white cheddar popcorn that became so necessary in our road trip to the west.

And what do I want to say with all these? Places around the world can feel so similar and so different at the same time. It’s just a matter of little details that make you realize of how different the same lifestyle can become in two separate places. But also, and most importantly, how necessary it becomes to adapt yourself depending on where you are.

But, how complicated can that be? And how natural and simple it can eventually feel…

At first, I thought it would be easier if I weren’t too attached to my roots, and after many years I’ve understood it’s not a matter of origins but of willingness to keep being yourself everywhere you go, and still share it with others, because it’s only then when memories become memorable.


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