“The White Island” is how they call it. Ibiza is a unique place in the world, well-know for its numerous discos and clubs and also for its hippie history. However, my favorite thing about Ibiza is the incredible sunsets and its little beaches.
Every time I go to Ibiza I love getting lost in the thousands of dirt roads it has to end up in some of the most beautiful beaches.
Ibiza has big contrasts: the rich and the cool, the party animals, the hippies, the rich hippies; the drugs, the music, the modern, the tradition and the incredible landscapes.
It’s a small island that can be discovered in many ways, and it’s up to you which one to take.

Where to eat:
Gastronomy is an important part of any trip to Ibiza. I loved the pasta and the cheeses at the cozy Italian restaurant l’altra luna close to Es Cubells. Also you can eat a nice seafood Paella in Cala Leña restaurant, and if you go there on a Sunday the second hand market it’s so much fun too!
A must go is “on the beach” in Cala Vicente, almost sitting on the sand this restaurant/bar/lounge is so special: you can relax in their chill out, meditate while drinking a cocktail or eat their delicious food, and to be where it is, it’s not expensive!

What to see:
Drive all the way up north to Portinatx and watch the waves break by the lighthouse, wonder around the Dalias Hippie Market on a Saturday, walk through the Ibiza shopping street “carrer d’Enmig” on a Sunday when everything is closed, have a sun bath naked in Cala Olivera and contemplate Es Vedrá while sitting in a weird yoga position. These are some of the most refreshing and inspiring activities you can do in the White Island, and what you can’t miss is a sunset in Cala Compte. You will just become someone new.
Where to go out:
You can probably find party information in every single site that talks about Ibiza, but you know what, not in mine. I don’t have a clue and I don’t care. Ibiza is an island to experiment and recharge your energy with its naturally beautifully places. But yes! Go ahead and have fun and pay the most expensive drinks in the history! 🙂

Ibiza is the place to be, however if you don’t like the crowds avoid going from mid June till the end of August, early spring and fall are just amazing. If you have a van or a little camper van take it with you!


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