Wanaka lake

And from Barcelona to its antipodes: Wanaka, New Zealand.
What can I say about New Zealand? Everything you’ve heard it’s true. There is no other word to describe it but BEAUTIFUL.
Wanaka, during the winter time turns into the professional ski and snowboard freestyle riders capital mixed with young people from all over the world who want to live the kiwi snow experience.

My juicy car took my almost everywhere

I stayed in Wanaka for almost three months, and there is nothing I didn’t like. I stayed in this Hostel called Mountain View Backpackers where the owner Steve takes good care of it. I also rented a condo with some friends through the Wanaka Real State. Either are great options. What you really need, no matter what, is a car. You can buy it if you are staying longer than three months in the country, but then you need to take care of some stuff such as the technical inspection and the taxes. The best option to rent a cheap car is Juicy, they give you these little funny colorful boxes with wheels, but believe me, they’ll take you everywhere.

The dirt road up to SnowPark NZ, Cardrona in the back

Where to snowboard: The well known Snowpark NZ became my second home. It’s just so much fun. Cardrona is a great tiny resort. The Remarkables have more slopes, they have a snowpark and even a Stash, the only thing is that they are not too friendly…

Where to eat: there is the Indian place by the lake next to the Bombay Palace, but it’s not there, small place and delicious food, you can eat it there or have it to take away. The Japanese next door is awesome too, I recommend the Udon Soup. A classic is the fish and chips, go for the blue cod, it’s always the best choice.

Beautiful Wanaka lake.

What to visit: while in Wanaka you can’t miss a walk by the lake, a visit to Queenstown where the aussies love to go for ski holidays and adventure sports activities. The best part of this area, and of New Zealand in general is the landscape and the beautiful surroundings, so don’t stay at home and go out there! One evening you have to go to the local cinema, it’s just so different and cozy!

All and all, Wanaka is a lovely and quiet town that will be difficult for you to leave


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