Bernat Ripoll at the Nike Chosen Series in Vallnord

Nowadays there are core brands and general brands. All right, but what is what? Are core brands only those that don’t do anything else but, in this case, snowboard products? I could take this, but what about those brands that might do tons of other things but spend lots of money supporting a “core” sport and its industry? Are these brands equally good as the super specific- core but non-supporting brands? I like small brands, run by creative and ambitious people but I like seeing the industry and the sport evolving and improving too. So back to the beginning: what is a core brand? And more important: Does it make any sense rating them by their “coreness”?


One thought on “Core or not core?

  1. Great line of thought, Alba!

    I find that there is value in both “core” culture and “non core” culture, though for different reasons.

    The fact that, in surfing, Nike is making inroads with regard to race (with their recent “12 Miles North, The Nick Gabaldon Story” premier) and attempting to do so with gender (“Leave a Message”) within the first few years of participating in the industry of surfing, speaks highly of what a non-endemic sports company can do for opening a tight-knit, monolithic sports industry.

    “Core” culture, on the other hand, reminds us that it is the activity itself that reigns supreme, above the image that sells product.

    When an activity becomes popular enough, it splits. This is what we are experiencing with boardsports. Competition among brands and pressure from consumers will direct the flow. Emerging markets tend to attract the “non core” entities while the “core” entities work at innovating their products for an established customer base… creativity is inevitably found in the core as those who have spent more time doing the activity demand better, more creative evolutions of their equipment.

    For me, this is where the greatest value is tucked away. This is where the generative energy resides. Innovation and creativity inspire me, even as I am incredibly grateful for the diversity that is the greatest gift of “non-core” brands. This diversity, in turn, will renew the “core” with unique perspectives, generating greater creativity and innovation. This mutually beneficial synergy has great potential.

    Hope you are well, Ms. Alba!

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