Riders trainning at Keystone Snowpark

What does come to your mind when you think about a professional snowboarder?

Last few weeks I’ve been quite often in Keystone A51 snowpark, where during the pre-season many riders go to train and get their feet back. So while shooting I’ve been watching the “pros” working.
9 am, hitting the jumps line, one right after the other: hit, land, hit, land, hit, land over and over again at least for 3 or 4 hours a day.
Grand Prix is already over, Dew Tour is right here and everyone is trying to be ready for the season with new tricks, more altitude and style.

However, one of those early mornings while I was on the side of the kicker line, trying to get some shoots, I had a weird feeling: I was the only “no-pro” in the area and I could feel the silence in the snowpark. Over 50 people were jumping and you could only hear the strong impact of the boards landing. Nobody was talking, not even smiling, giggling or screaming. I could breathe the tension and the concentration. What amazed me is that it wasn’t a contest, it was just another day in the snowpark.

Now I’m in Spain, in Andorra actually, and there are some national “pros” around as there aren’t many resorts open. And I know comparatives are hideous, but… they won’t get up to the mountain before 12 or 1 pm. They won’t even think about working out afterwards, and if you ask them about going for a photo shooting they will answer saying that they can’t be bothered to do that now.

And I wonder, what is the good way? I think it is obvious what a professional job reacquires, but do those guys at Keystone enjoyed themselves? I am sure the kids here do enjoy and… that’s about it.


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