Maria Cerda skating Saas-Fee's miniramp. Beautiful day

A weekend with “the most inspirational women into the boardsports industry”, sounds fabulous, huh? Actually, it was. Especially the non-business related time I shared with the girls. I had so much fun hanging out with Mel, maybe she was the smallest in size but she is pure energy. Deb, I think without even noticing, gave me a couple of keys I needed that have already changed my work life.
Cori is, ahm… ok, I think any invented word is big enough to define her personality. She has strength, a big heart and if you tell her about hallucinogen “schnapps”, you won’t stop laughing.

I could write a book about all the women I met and all those women I already knew, but I want to keep it simple and just mention one more, the one who surprised me most and who, like me, needs to take pictures to remember.

Maria has had all the random cool jobs you can imagine; half Mexican, half American with a Catalan last name, Maria is a box full of experiences that surprise you in every situation. Who else could be, if not her, exceptional Cori’s wife?

Great people, right here. Thank you ladies!


One thought on “Cerdà, not Cerda

  1. AAAahhh that’s sweet and very true about all the brilliant women we met. You forget to mention your FANTASTIC breakdance/dance battle abilities that you won hands down!! It was my pleasure to meet such a warm hearted, photo/techie, busy bee hard worker withs lots of cultural knowledge I LOVED!!! Hopefully you will see you next year or sooner!!

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