Seppe Smits, Mark Sollors, Mikey Rencz, Danny Davis and Mikkel Bang in Barcelona during their European Standing Sideways Movie Tour.

(An article for Lamono Magazine: lamonodigital.net/blog by Alba Pardo)

We stood sideways for an evening with Danny Davis, Mikey Rencz, Mikkel Bang, Mark Sollors and Seppe Smits.

They eat breakfast, they dream, they love… Just like us. They love their lives and the things they experience as much as we do. And they also dream of what’s going to happen tomorrow and wonder if they are going to be able to reach their goals while enjoying what they already have done.

We all love yummy breakfasts with eggs, toasts, orange juice, yogurt, raspberries and coffee. They do too.

Mark Sollors remembers how he used to listen to his Dad and no one else, pretending he couldn’t hear the rest when he was a kid. Davis told us he used to go fishing many years ago, and Seppe Smits explained how he broke his arm while racing his brother with the bike. Like you and me, they all have been kids and they have souvenirs from the past experiences, only that their experiences include snowboarding, lots of snowboarding.

They look to the life “standing sideways”, and this is exactly the reason they were here for, of course the enjoyed their stay in Barcelona going to the beach, skateboarding some famous spots, checking out some Spanish chicks and drinking lots of sangria in the evening. Mikey, Danny and Mikkel also got a souvenir they will never forget; in order to get an original location we interviewed them while they were getting a tattoo!

But going back to the main reason of their visit, we had the opportunity to join them for the premiere of Standing Sideways, the Burton snowboard movie they star in in the Apollo Club: For few minutes we were in incredible places, at the top of the mountains, flying with helicopters and riding back down, jibbing huge rails and going upside down trying to stump a triple cork. So, here we have the difference: we dream about exceptional snowboarding experiences, they are those experiences.


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