Welcome to Vegas: Anything you want, Whenever you want.

In the land where God is the main character of the show and it’s advertisement shares the page with the peepshow clubs, I’ve realized how amazing my life is.
Nowhere but in Las Vegas you will bump into someone and tell them you are from Spain and you’re travelling with a German girl who you met in New Zealand, that you’ve been hanging out in Colorado and you are headed to California. I guess we sometimes complain just because. Because we don’t have anything to worry about.
Walking around the Strip in Vegas Boulevard I felt like the perfect tourist: Amazed by every silly thing: coffee on one hand, camera on the other. Sometimes it feels just right to be a tourist. Living like a local is OK, but when you spend more time in hotels than at home, you are a tourist everywhere you go and in places like LV I’d rather feel I don’t belong here.
However, we experienced a taste of local life thanks to some movie producer who hosted us in his house. Sweet.


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