Silvia Mittermüller welcomes the spring on April 29th wearing a puffy jacket!

Resorts are closed, riders are not so motivated to seek for spots or go to the backcountry anymore, but it seems we just entered winter again.
Early dinners with wine by the fireplace and cozy lights in the houses are what these days are all about. Watching out of the window and wondering what’s wrong with the weather and what’s wrong with us! We have been praying for snow the whole season and once we get it, we are over it… Why?
Silvia told me that’s because we cannot use it anymore, at least not in an independent way because we need other people so much to actually be able to go out there and ride.
Her answer makes me wonder if the people can be more or less independent depending on what the climate is where they live. It makes total sense, but then what about us: the snow bums who wander around and dream about the coldest places ever? Are we just so independent that we need something more challenging than wearing shorts and flip-flops? Probably, but I’m sure it’s going to be nice to let it be easy for a little while…


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