SON means sleep and its my dogs and boats name...Its sad we wont sail with it anymore...

After countless winters, and trips, and bags full of puffy jackets, and warm but ugly boots I’m so looking forward to wear sandals and a flowery summer dress.
Don’t get me wrong, I love powder turns and the magic moments when the snow shines after a storm in a cold sunny day.
I’m just tired of having to defrost my ideas when I come home after waiting the bus under a snowstorm.
Now that the days are longer and the sun stronger, I feel like going out and recharge my batteries and I only get a ridiculous goggle tan and wet feet due to the slushy snow. However, at this time of the year it’s always fun to shred the soft park with all the friends around: then is when I realize I don’t want a hot summer but a fun summer time , even if it’s at -10ºC in April in Breckenridge.


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