Carmela Fleury and Claudia Almendros from Les Ettes presenting the new Les Ettes Bataleon board while doing a cup cake toast! YUMMY!

Networking is considered one of the most important parts in our professional lives, but I wonder how it works when you mix personal with professional and you don’t know anymore how you have to react. I guess ISPO is a good example of what happens then. Four days drinking beer from 12 am while talking business in a huge Trade Show Centre bumping into some really good old friends and meeting some new ones, being surrounded in the meantime for lots of people skating around the corridors and using the booths as skate parks.
During this week in Munich I gave away like 200 cards and I was “chillin”…
Now is when the saying “meet the right people at the right place and at the right time” makes sense to me.


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