Silvia Mittermüller, Cilka Sadar and Anja Stefan on fire!!! "I am always cool" is what Cilka said during the photoshoot!

I thought I would never be able to hang out with girls and have an actual group of friends that I would like to hang out with. Usually we are tricky, even bitchy. But after tonight, I have just realized that for me, people are like music. Ok, let me explain this. Lately many people asked me what kind of music do I like, and my answer it’s always the same: I have had my car for three years now and it has a six CD’s charger and I haven’t changed them once since I bought it. What I don’t tell the people is that I don’t mind listening to the same songs ever and ever again, because I am never driving through the same place so it makes it already different.
Driving back home last night, where I haven’t been for a while now, I thought that could be the reason I enjoy so much the girls company, because I keep meeting them in really different places. I know, maybe it’s because they are always cool. I don’t care, I am stoked I could see them even thought they were focused on the next day competition in the World Championships.


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