Silvia is a snowboarder during the day, an adventurer in her spare time! SEHR GUT!

I could write about the tricks and the riders and about how the slopestyle set up is in Davos. But I rather write about the new idea we made up with Silvia and Cilka at the back seat of my van while Silvia was cooking an organic vegetarian dinner.
Tonight’s dinner it’s been and adventure, because you know, fancy hotel rooms here in Switzerland are not really prepared to perform any kind of cooking, but we somehow did the “mise en place” in the room and brought all the ingredients downstairs, all the way to the parking lot and finally into my van, where Silvia prepared a “hotter dinner than any story I can tell” Cilka  said.
So the booming idea is: we can invite some special guest every night to have dinner in the cozy van in exchange of a hot story. The test with Cilka worked out pretty good, so we are already looking for tomorrow’s guest. Is it going to be you?


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