Davos halfpipe for the O'neill Evolution. The spectators didn't have "the crazy eyes".

I like random people and I don’t like to eat by myself in a restaurant. Apparently, here in Davos this has an easy solution: just sit down with the man ,who is as well by himself, in the next table. I bet not everybody has the nuts to ask if he really was serious about the offer to have lunch together. But I did. I enjoyed. Good chat.
It was the first practice day at the O’neill Evolution, and I wonder how different the truly professional riders are… I could tell just with the sparkle in the sight of Silvia looking at the course. In fact, they don’t care about anything else but that moment to ride the kickers and do a 9 and stump it. That’s what I call “crazy eyes”. So, I am not the self-confident, who eats with complete strangers. They are, all the riders who came from all over just to look at the kicks and the pipe with their crazy eyes. That is not random at all!


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