I'd rather be high in the sky and see everything from the distance right now...

New years eve, midnight, and here I am somewhere close to Freiburg, not being able to sleep after a ten hours drive because the German people decided to burn all the Fireworks the country had. I am not even complaining, I’m just pissed I’m not out there helping them out to burn all the arsenal.
But the thing it bothers me more is the fact I don’t know why the hell I am doing all I am doing. Why I am travelling non-stop even if sometimes I would like to stay, to feel home, to not feel lonely. I could stay and not be worried about loneliness ever again, but I don’t.
When I was checking in in the hotel this evening even the old man from the reception asked me if I would go to the restaurant next door and ask for dinner for one. How sad is that? You know what, it could be worse, way worse… tomorrow everybody will be hangover, the ashes from the fireworks will cover the streets, no one is going to be able to realize how fast the time passes by, but me: I will start fresh and with clear ideas and more important clear objectives. That’s the good part of it, right?


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