Wanaka. We have been flying today, is that high enough? I guess not!

Taking the opportunities and being at the right place at the right time is sometimes the only explanation I can find about the things that happen in life.
Today, after fitting a mountain bike in my tiny blue box rental car we met some friends and went for a flight.
Crazy as it sounds, I even had the opportunity to take off! But that’s not all, coming back from the airport we jumped into “the rally car” and did some out road driving and drifting in the dark.

I still can’t believe all the emotions I felt today and I understand how you can get easily addicted to it at the same time I realize not everybody could do it.
Success is such a big word which has as many meanings as people. Some skiers I met a couple of days ago know good success, they don’t care about anything else than push themselves beyond the limits of everything they do.
I guess that to be a professional skier/snowboarder that’s all you don’t need: limits.


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