I told you it looks good on the pics! This is Joris Nijdeken from The Netherlands goign for the 3rd kicker!

Just landed in New Zealand, still recovering from the Jet Lag and the Burton New Zealand Open has already begun in the Alpine Resort of Cardona, which is one of the biggest resorts around here: it has 3 chairlifts, actually 4 but one is new and hasn’t been opened yet, there is no snow on the bottom station..
Cardrona has as well the worst access I could ever imagine for a ski resort, even my tiny blue-box car works surprisingly good I’m on the border of a heart attack every time I have to drive up or down the mountain road!

So yeah! Burton’s show has already begun and riders from all over the world are trying to do their best in the huge halfpipe and in the no-smaller slopestyle course, although the third jump it’s not the favourite (the riders say its shape is made for skiers), I’m sure they are just complaining now in the trainings and then in the finals they will do double corks. Why the f**k do they always complain? It looks good in the pictures! Ha ha!!


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