Lake Wanaka at the evening, it's just stunning!

Holy sh^t!!

I made it, I can’t believe it, but I’m in the Wanaka’s hostel now, after a long journey!

I fit my 28 kilos board bag and my 17 kilos backpack in the tiniest blue car you can imagine and hit the road, but I first went in the wrong direction and after a while, when I realized I was going North instead of South I did a U-turn and keeping left I arrived in an intersection where I almost had a front crash. Damn New Zealand’s left driving rules!!!

However, I was about an hour drive from Wanaka when I reached the highest point of Lindis Pass, not without putting the chains on, well, I didn’t, a kind policeman helped me out with that because I have snow tires at back home so I didn’t have a clue how to put on the rental chains on the rental car!

But the thing is they don’t need snow tires here, why should they have them if they don’t even have pavement on the mountain roads? For the sheep?

Oh my god! This is going to be scary!!

By the way, even in the dark, this place seems beautiful!


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