Back to the 80's with the skater boys and the beautiful girls from my village.

Today, when I was trying to breathe the hot, boiling summer’s air,  I opened my window and I saw some kids skating, and that’s new because I live in a little tiny town in the mountain and I thought in here they didn’t even know what was a skateboard for.

It turned out that kids even had fans! Then I got to thinking… are we a different generation?

I couldn’t avoid the idea to identify myself with the boys there, sweating while trying to stump a new trick under the sun and not giving a shit about what the girls were saying such as “do you want to kiss her?” or “who do you like?”…

But, hold on a minute! I was a girl, I mean I’m a girl… so I should have felt identified with the girls, but I haven’t.

I thought the skater girls were now the new stars… I guess not in my town, not yet.


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