Whistler, the beautiful bubble where Michal is trapped, but the countdown for the landing has already started!

After a three hours chat through the phone with Michal, an American born in Europe who is one of my best friends, I was more than surprised, I was stoked when I realized how people change and how someone you would have never expected is telling you how to act in tricky situations and not convincing but inspiring you to get the kind of commitments and responsibilities you would never associate to a loner.

You choose, and then you gotta be consequent: that’s clear, but what happens if you are not what you choose? I mean, I don’t want to be a loner, but I’m getting loneliness because of my decisions.

He told me I’m still young to change my way, perhaps is then when I realized that it’s too late to change the incredulous thought I had about the possibility that a feeling could change a loner into a lover.


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