Some of the girls(left to right): Sabrina Göggel or "The Pusa", Helena Long, and Diana Kraensel "Didi", ready to go!!!

These days, between work meetings and dinners with friends, I’ve been shooting with some of the best European skater girls, taking the opportunity that they are visiting Barcelona.

While chatting with Sabrina and Diana after a hard session on a ledge in St. Marti, Sabrina said that she often needs a lot of time to land a trick, and we agreed with her, the girls said they feel the same way. And it’s true, we usually need more time to figure out the right movements we have to do to get the result we want.

Diana said that it might be our body, which is different built.

I guess that too, obviously we don’t have the same capabilities as the guys do, but coinciding with Sabrina, “I don’t want to change my body, I wouldn’t like to have something hanging in between my legs!”


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