When it comes to the estates: the dogs pee, the moles kiss and we pee where we kiss.

Do we have the need to mark our properties? And above all, can a person be of our property?

My partner was telling me today that the leader girls always limit the boundaries to let the others know what’s ours.

I think it’s unpleasant, it isn’t something nice. I’d love to believe that it’s just something about the situation, the feeling and maybe the insecurity in certain moments that makes us act as we were defending our ownership when in fact we are just not acting as leaders but insecure persons.

I can’t have anyone, I could be with someone but I cannot define a third person saying that he or she is mine. So I don’t want to act that way and I don’t think I do, but then it is when I wonder… Is kissing in public fixing personal boundaries?


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