Even she beats her face she always feels sexy so everybody loves her (Megan Whiteside in the Burton European Open 2010)

I’m a saisonnier, my life is organized in seasons, and when one is over all I had in that season is past. The problem is, what happens when you really like something? Do you really have to leave it like this? It seems like I have no other choice.
I think that even I don’t like it sometimes, I’m used to it and today I feel sexy. I’ve felt sexy all day long.
When you feel sexy is because you like how you are and you are confident about the way you act, so when you meet people who feel less sexy than you, then you feel even better. Ah! I know it’s bit cruel, but it’s how it is… I can’t change it and you can’t change it either!
The funny thing here is that when you feel good, the people feel attracted to you in a way so they will keep trying to get you, or at least your attention, in consequence the only thing you have to do if you want to feel good, is feel good, everything else will eventually come.


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