When it comes to the mountain, the colourful dots always tell you the difficulty you have to face up, but in the real life the only dots you have are those you write in the letters, the e-mails or the text messages, which will make you dream, or not.

Everything is got at least one dot in the end. Sometimes you can keep writing straight after the period, sometimes you have to start a new paragraph, or you can write three dots so it will be up to the other where to continue writing.

Travelling is got dots too, I think I will never get used to the fact of moving after a long stay somewhere, you always leave things and people behind, and usually good ones…

Is it the same: “we’ll keep in touch…” than “we’ll keep in touch.”?
I guess it’s not at it’s not the same saying that “I’m leaving Avoriaz…” than “I’m leaving Avoriaz.”

So that’s it, I’m going home, stop. Good bye, full-stop.

I'd love to fly instead of drive sometimes... (Martina Del Val trying to fly with a lot of ballons, or should I say colorful dots?)


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