Can you fall in love at the first sight? Or you just fall in love of the idea to fall in love?

It looks like the spring really turns on something in our hormones, because I’ve been meeting some cute guys in the snowpark lift queue: an Scottish called Frenchie, an English who speaks French, an old Spanish friend who doesn’t like France and a French who wants to go to Barcelona.

Many different guys, but all of them have something in common, and it’s not the “France-French” factor, it’s that all of them have flirted with me sooner or later!

Are the line ups better spots to get a date than a bar? Is it because you have to go fast if you don’t want to wait alone during the next run or because you just can see half face of the other so everybody looks pretty even if you aren’t drunk?

Whatever it is, you better be careful and don’t be distracted when is your turn so you won’t loose the lift and you will be dragged to the top where you gotta drop in instead of fall.

Would you rather hike up? (Elena Alekhina Roxy teamrider from Rusia hiking up La Chapelle Snowpark in Avoriaz)


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