People waiting to meet me, ok you are right, they are waitng to get a lift first
People waiting to meet me. Ok, you are right, they are waiting to get a ride to come up an meet me.  (Line up in the first trainning day in the ESPN Winter X Games Europe 2010)

I’ve just realized that I’m always driving, flying or simply being around. Well, it’s not that I didn’t know it before, but I’ve just thought that I might have interesting things or maybe funny stories to tell. I mean, come on, I’m meeting people all day long, mostly I can’t remember their names but there are always a few who are quiet either interesting or strange enough to make me do the effort to remember their names, and if I can do this I can write about them as well, because believe me, there are a lot of funny, odd, mysterious and beautiful people out there.

So this blog it’s going to be about all those who I’ve met or I will meet and the many different places I’ve been and I will be. Simple, efficient, to the point and silly enough to keep your attention for five minutes every day.

What do you think? You better check this website out again tomorrow!


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